About Us

The project was initially started by five engineering students ( Amit Kumar [Me :)], Shishir Sangal, Anubhav Tyagi, Amit Sinha and Vibhor Kapil ) way back in Jan 2002 and within few months the first version went live. It was our college final year project and so we were very enthusiastic about it, however most of us got back to our busy lives once the college was over and we were in jobs.
This is no more a college project, and the vision that I had to keep it alive was that I want this place to be a community portal for the residents of this beautiful city, provide information, pictures to people who are visiting this town.
Being in IT industry I've not been in Roorkee since 2002 and this restricts me from updating new information and pictures frequently, and I am quite dependent on our people's updates from communities in Facebook, etc.
If you feel like you have content that can be updated on this website, place feel free to contact me from the contact us page.