Though the majority construction in Roorkee has taken place recently, one can come across certain monuments which are hundred years old.

The recent construction gives a clear indication of how much the technology has advanced when it comes to constructing buildings.

Whereas the older structures give a fair inkling as to how the buildings were constructed in the time of British.

However, while talking about architecture one thing that commands to be included in the list is the magnificent Solani Aqueduct. Constructed about 150 years ago it can well be termed as an engineering phenomenon.

The most noteworthy thing about this majestic construction is the fact that neither cement nor iron was used in its construction, yet the structure proved to be so strong that it has survived the brutality of times and yet can raise its head with pride.

The other monument that is important from architectural point of view is the famous Roorkee collage. It gives a fair idea of the way buildings were constructed in the British era. The building is strong, has survived the test of times and has not lost any of its charm or elegance. Truly a wonder of yesteryears which has maintained its magic to the present times.