There is an interesting piece of mythology attached to Roorkee. Close to where modern day Roorkee is, is Piran Kaliyar Sharif.

It is the ‘Mazaar’ of Hazrat Alladdin Ali Ahmed ‘Sabir’, a venerated sufi saint of the 13th century. It is greatly revered by the followers of every religion. He is also referred to as 'Sabir paak'.

This 'mazaar' of Sabir Sahib is famed for its mystical healing powers and is visited by devotees of all religions from India and abroad. The 'urs' or the period of annual celebration of the durgah is held for a period of 15 days each year.

The large and shady 'gular' tree in the premises has a lot of religious significance for it was the fruit of this tree that the saint subsisted on for many years. This was also the reason why he is known as 'sabir'.

Towards the north of 'Gular' tree, there is a 'langar' where free food is distributed to poor and needy in the afternoon and evenings all the year around.