Reasons You Should Visit

Roorkee has a number of attractions that entice the visitors and have them longing to visit Roorkee again and again.

One of the major attractions of Roorkee remains the Solani Aqueduct. Built in 1846 it is one of the marvels of engineering. Augmented recently, it is a source of major attraction for people visiting Roorkee.

Another attraction for Roorkee is undoubtedly the IIT. It would be interesting to know that the famed IIT has its genesis in Roorkee College. Constituted in 1847, its purpose was to train the manpower for the construction of Ganga Canal.

It would not be a misnomer to state that IIT Roorkee is not only a matter of great pride for Uttarakhand but for entire country.

IIT Roorkee’s Central Library is another Roorkee special which is hugely popular amongst the visitors. Established in 1848, it finds a special place in higher education libraries. Started with a couple of hundred books, today it has a collection of more than 3,00,000 books.

Piran Kaliyar Sharif, ‘mazaar’ of the famous sufi saint Hazrat Aliuddin Ali Ahmed ‘Sabir’ can also be termed as an attraction
of Roorkee. Though located at a short distance from Roorkee it is still talked as Roorkee’s own as whoever wants to visit the place has to stay at Roorkee.

If one thought that Roorkee has only educational institutions to show than one is in for a shock, for Roorkee also has to its credit “ Crystal World” the largest amusement park.

Close to Roorkee, it offers a variety of entertainment. Some of its offerings, like water sport, are immensely popular amongst children and grown-ups alike.

 Little wonder then that Roorkee is on top of the visitors list and witnesses assault by tourists season after season.